Vaughan FS999 20 Ounce Ripping Hammer EMT8
Ripping hammers fiberglass handle"999 inches smooth face head wt. 20 ounces handle lgth. 14 inch Hollow-core fiberglass handle provides better balance and absorbs shock more effectively than solid fiberglass. Head Sure-Lock wedged and epoxy sealed. Slip resistant grip, contoured for...
Vaughan B215 15 Inch Pry Bar EMT18
Pry bars"superbar" length. 15 inch. Made from forged spring tempered steel for heavy duty use with three beveled nail slots; polished, sharp blades for easy insertion. Used for prying molding, scraping and pulling nails. Blue coated finish.
Vaughan 16 Ounce 99 Ripping Hammer EMT6
Ripping hammers hickory handle"99 pro-16 inches smooth face head wt. 16 ounces handle lgth. 13 inch Proportioned for all-around use. Top quality white hickory handle triple wedged to head. Deep-throat design for power strikes in difficult areas. Extra large striking...
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